What is solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage refers to the use of batteries to store excess electricity generated by solar panels on sunny days. This stored energy can then be used when the sun is not shining, such as during the night, or on cloudy days. Solar battery storage enhances the efficiency and reliability of solar power systems by enabling the capture and utilisation of surplus energy.

How does solar battery storage work?

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Here’s how solar battery storage generally works:

  1. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity.
  2. Excess electricity produced by the solar panels is directed to a battery storage system, instead of being fed back into the grid. The battery stores this energy for later use.
  3. When the sun is not available, such as during the night or on cloudy days, the stored energy in the battery can be used to power your home or business.
  4. Solar battery storage systems can provide a degree of independence from the grid. This means you can rely on stored solar energy rather than drawing power from the grid during certain periods.

What are the benefits of solar battery storage?

  • Energy Independence: Allows users to rely more on their solar-generated electricity, reducing dependence on the grid.

  • Backup Power: Provides a source of backup power during grid outages or emergencies.

  • Maximising Solar Investment: Helps maximise the use of the solar energy generated, by avoiding excess energy going back to the grid.

An electrician screwing a solar panel in place

Can I sell my excess solar energy?

Yes, you can sell your excess solar energy. The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a program by the UK Government that lets you earn money by sending back any extra renewable electricity you produce but don’t use. They pay you for each unit of electricity you share with the grid.

You must apply to a registered SEG supplier, which you can find on the  OFGEM website.

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