Nottinghamshire City Homes needed a principal contractor to carry out an LED Lighting Replacement and Upgrade.

C M Ward Limited were contracted to complete the project, worth over £150,000.

Our team was required to manage noise levels within certain time blocks, provide specialist asbestos removal, manage all tenant liaisons, and comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Project Challenges

We encountered some challenges during the project, but found ways to overcome them successfully. 

Challenge 1:
A Tight Two Week Programme

This called for “just in time” supply chain management from our team, with no wasted time. This allowed us to have everything in place for the project.

Challenge 2: Existing Lighting Inefficient & Expensive

We upgraded the lighting to the latest LED tech, using crux luminaire. This reduced the running wattage from 166w to 100w.

Challenge 3: 
Asbestos Identified By Client

We co-ordinated with asbestos specialists with a safe, efficient approach for an effective removal.

Project Results

Delivered on time

The project was delivered on time and within budget

Optimised Solutions

We provided optimised solutions, adding extra value to the client 

Happy Suppliers

100% of our suppliers were paid within 30 days

Safe Working Environment

There were no incidents or accidents reported during the project

Supporting Local SMEs

100% of the spend went to local Nottingham SMEs

Annual Savings

A predicted £1000 annual saving for Nottinghamshire City Homes