What are electric storage heaters?

Electric storage heaters make use of cheaper “off-peak” electricity at night to store up heat, which is then used to warm the home the next day. They work by heating ceramic or clay bricks stored inside them, and then they release this heat during the day. They are usually wall-mounted and look like radiators, as they are fitted to your internal walls.

How much do electric storage heaters
cost to run?

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The cost of running electric storage heaters depends on various factors, including the size and efficiency of the heater, the electricity rates of your current tariff, and how often you use the heaters.

Electric storage heaters can be significantly cheaper to operate than normal radiators, as they take advantage of the “off-peak” electricity tariffs during the night.

How to use an electric storage heater

  1. Locate The Controls: Find the controls on the heater. This typically includes an input control (sometimes referred to as the “charge” or “input” setting) and an output control (sometimes referred to as the “boost” or “room temperature” setting).

  2. Set Input Control: Set the input control to the desired level based on your heating needs. This determines how much heat the heater will store during off-peak hours.

  3. Adjust Output Control: Adjust the output control to the desired level. This controls how much heat is released into the room. Higher settings release more heat.

 4. Timer Settings: If your storage heater has a timer, set it according to your daily schedule. This allows you to control when the heater stores and releases heat.

 5. Wait For It To Warm Up: Electric storage heaters take time to warm up. It might take a few hours for the stored heat to be released effectively. Make sure to plan ahead if you want a warm house come daytime.

6. Monitor Room Temperature: Keep an eye on the room temperature and adjust the output control as needed to maintain a comfortable environment.

7. Turn Off When Not Needed: When you don’t need heating, consider turning the output control to a lower setting, or turn off the heater entirely.

Can I get an electric storage heater covered by a grant?

Yes, in Nottingham there are now grant schemes available for new, “High-Efficiency Electric Storage Heaters”. These schemes can enable households with young children, residents over a certain age, people with serious or deteriorating health conditions, or those on a limited income, to qualify – even if they aren’t receiving benefits.

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What is an off-peak tariff?

Off-peak tariffs, such as ‘Economy 7’ plans, involve energy providers offering more affordable electricity during periods of lower demand – specifically, the 7 hours overnight when demand is lower.

Certain off-peak tariffs, such as ‘Economy 10’, extend the reduced electricity rates for 10 nighttime hours.

Economy 7 operates as a ‘time of use’ tariff, meaning you must install an Economy 7 meter to track your energy usage patterns.

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