Nottingham City Council – Groundbreaking Installation
Dates: July 2023 – September 2023

CM Ward were the installer on the Solar PV element of the DREeM (Deep Retrofit Solution) pilot, and have gone to grow their business replicating and scaling this business model.

The solution of linking the Solar PV to fuel the heating system of the building enabled properties to achieve 2050 Net Zero goals. If operated at maximum efficiency on an average size residential property, resident fuel bills were successfully reduced by up to £1,200 per annum (£800 per annum as a minimum).

CM Ward were the first installer in the UK to utilise this kind of advanced solar PV technology. This required intense upskilling of our engineers in both carbon technology and asbestos awareness to ensure the success of the Nottingham Green Housing pilot.


“The appointment of CM Ward Ltd has allowed us to install a ground-breaking new solar technology within Nottingham. The new DREeM deep retrofit solution, brings the homes of the most vulnerable in our society, up to 2050 Net Zero standard and helps to reduce fuel poverty. The ability of CM Ward to upskill themselves and residents, secure additional resource and work within programme and budget constraints was exemplary. This enabled Melius Homes to continue to deliver our client’s commitments in a time of real uncertainty. A true example of real efficiency without compromise to quality. A great team to work with from a procedural, reporting and risk management perspective, no complaints”

M&E Co-ordinator, Nottingham City Council

Key Benefits

Groundbreaking new technology from a newly trained team – the first in the UK.

Enabled properties to achieve the 2050 Net Zero goal.

Secured additional resource and worked within programme & budget constraints.

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