Carrying out 5 year fixed wiring test & PAT testing

In summer 2020, C M WARD LTD was charged with ensuring that RAB met all the IEE codes of practice and British Standards, so he put the project out to tender. C M WARD LTD, an existing English Heritage supplier, successfully tendered and was charged with making the building compliant.

The main challenge was to sensitively apply the various electrical regulations to a large historic, 17th century listed building and come up with appropriate solutions within budget and on schedule.

One of the key issues was to interpret the IEE codes of practice and British Standards to ensure that the unnecessarily rigid application of the regulations did not cause unnecessary upheaval to this historically important building.

The Solution

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto.

To start C M WARD LTD undertook a thorough analysis investigating the building’s current electrical infrastructure before revisiting the relevant regulation’s requirements. Working closely with the English Heritage team to ensure that British Standards and other safety and standard issues were adhered to in a common sense way.

After careful assessment C M WARD LTD was able to implement the EICRs & PATs whilst addressing the challenges, for example, wired in MICC (Mineral) with the scope of the testing set at 100%. They then detailed their findings and recommendations in a report.

After the completion of the EICRS & PATs, C M WARD LTD were then charged with putting right the Safety issues detailed in their report. This 3 month project included installing a range of fuse boxes, and where significant electrical upgrades were required, they were either carefully hidden or were sympathetic to the original, or so understated they made little visual impact.

The EICRs & PATs process was delivered on schedule and the electrical issues identified were resolved in sympathetic, efficient manner that did justice to the historically significant building.

Key Benefits

Peace of mind knowing the building is now electrically safe

Stress-free project delivered on schedule and on budget by specialist

Reduced risk from a liability view-point, as the building is now compliant to British standards